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The Future of our Army, with Gen. James McConville

This episode of the MWI Podcast features a conversation with Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. James McConville. He talks new weapons and equipment, bringing the active and reserve components together, a revolutionary new talent management system, and even a couple book recommendations!

He took on that role as the seniormost officer in the United States Army in August 2019, and his tenure comes at a time during which the service is in a period of substantial transformation. As he explains, many of the systems the Army uses—especially major weapons systems—were fielded in the late 1970s and early 1980s, another period of major change in the service. That's why the Army is undertaking a massive modernization effort. But that doesn't just mean the weapons and vehicles US soldiers go to war with will change. The doctrine that determines how they fight, the organizational structures of their units, and even the talent management systems that recruit and retain the Army's men and women will be different than those of the past.

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